The Oldest International Music Organization Gets a New Voice.


  • Digital strategy and implementation
  • Website built on content management system (CMS)
  • Content curation and copywriting
  • Membership strategy and ad campaign powered by $120,000 Google Grant
  • Professional development and knowledge transfer

Supporting passion to grow an industry

The American Guild of Music (AGM) has focused on inspiring a passion for learning music for over 100 years through music competitions and events. More importantly, they focus on connecting their member independent music teachers and potential students to insure music education continues. With minimal staff, they needed a site that would be easy to maintain and update - while being a vehicle for delivering images, information and self-service opportunities to students, parents and member teachers.

They needed more than a site - they needed a plan. Looking through the lens of their audiences, identified structural and functional needs, then paired it with written and visual content to support each. Educating them on available opportunities with Google for Nonprofits, they applied and were granted $120,000/year worth of Adwords. Using the grant as fuel for their ad campaign, drove thousands of potential members and students' families to learn and engage with the organization. 
Image of hand holding a phone with a form on the screen.

Screenshot of an iPad with musicians playing instruments on the screen.

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