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United Way Houston Hosts Monday Loves You

United Way Houston

United Way Houston hosts us for a day of learning deliciousness!

Our own Kevin LaManna and Cassie Dennis from Monday Loves You will be presenting a day of workshops for nonprofits hosted by United Way Houston.  The workshops will help organizations kick off 2018 effectively with these sessions:

1) Planning for Positive Change with Customer Relations Management/CRM Software
2) Getting the most out of your Google's $120,000 Nonprofit Advertising Grant – What's the Catch?
3) How are Charity Ratings Organizations Evaluating Your Charity?

Planning for Positive Change with Customer Relations Management/CRM Software
It is FINALLY in the plan this year to replace your current mishmash of information sources with a new Nonprofit Constituent Relationship Management (Nonprofit CRM) system. Now what? Change can be scary for nonprofit teams that are already maxed out on their time and energy - never mind having to go through a transition to a new way of doing things. In this session, we'll explore some things you can do to make this a more positive process for you and your team - and get to the other side with more smiles than tears.

Getting the most out of your Google Advertising Grant
Google provides each eligible 501c3s with $120,000/year worth of free advertising. Only catch - you have to use it or lose it. More importantly, you want to use it to better support your mission - so visitors that come through those ads become volunteers, event attendees, program participants, advocates or donors. Engaging and nurturing that visitor is the key. In this session, we'll share ideas for how to create a plan using a digital marketing stream that's powered by that $120,000 Google Grant.

How are Charity Ratings Organizations Evaluating Your Charity?
Today, there are many charity watch organizations providing information on nonprofits – and you can count on prospective donors to use them. But who are they and how are their charity ratings composed? What could this mean for you? This session covers 4 of the well-known ones: Charity Navigator, CharityWatch, Guidestar, and GreatNonprofits. Each provides valuable information about charities to individual and institutional philanthropists looking to make a financial contribution - potentially to your organization.

If you are going to be in the area and want to participate, sign up here: