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  • Branding
  • CMS/ site development
  • UX design
  • User research and personas

Helping Books and Breakfast get the word out and bring more donors in

Books and Breakfast provides a healthy breakfast, academic enrichment and a personal connection affirming a student's belief in themselves. They fill the gap within the public schools serving the 53% of the students who need - yet may not receive - a breakfast and additional tutoring due to lack of funding. The challenge was to give this highly effective organization a face to their brand with messaging that conveys their funding needs.
Screenshot of iPad with image of man and child.
Black and white image of young boy with curly hair and big brown eyes.
Screenshot of iPhone with image of boy and text.
Image of man sitting and looking at an iPhone.
Image of an open book.
Screenshots of web pages with images of children and text.
Close up image of young boys.
Image of a desk with computer and young boy writing on the screen.

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