Act Imaginatively.


  • Digital strategy
  • Site/ CMS development
  • UX research and persona development
  • Google Grants ad campaign implementation and management
  • Illustration
  • Professional development and knowledge transfer

Relaunching an organization with gusto

Sometimes - Discovery sessions get a little odd at our office.

"Wait - I have an idea. Let's have illustrations of weird aliens describe what your organization does." So it is written!

Brain Arts Productions (formerly Brain Surgeon Theater) was one of our first clients several years ago and they were now ready for the next stage - to take their organization to a new level. It included rebranding to expand beyond theater, as this stunning nonprofit expanded into different service areas. However, their mission remained consistent: to build lifelong skills through creative arts, while providing a livable wage to their artist instructors.

To get here, we needed a new digital strategy. An approach that provided an easy way to explain their services (hello allien illustrations!), intertwined with an ad campaign powered by a $120,000 Google Grant.

The result is a new brand, a clear mission - and site traffic that boosted 6x within 2 weeks.

Screenshot of a web page with graphics, images and text.
Image of a young boy in a red superhero cape and mask.
Screenshot of an iPad with text on the screen.
Image of a girl with a movie set click board.
Image of a computer with graphics and text on the screen.
Image of a child in a mouse costume.
Graphic with multiple imaginary characters on a stage.
Graphic with an imaginary monster and thought bubbles.
Graphic of imaginary creatures watching TV.

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