Using Digital in a Capital Campaign

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You’re a nonprofit either running or about ready to embark on a large capital campaign. Developing a successful capital campaign is a massive task, full of challenges - and there are never enough staff hours to directly contact and nurture individual donors and never enough high net worth prospects on your development list available to fund your project. Within these limits, you need to:
  • Raise the money to fund a major, one-time need
  • Strengthen your organization’s infrastructure with the new program or building
  • Increase the public’s awareness of your value
  • Engage and attract new supporters, advocates and/or volunteers
How can you expand your reach - effectively and cost-effectively? By making digital an integral part of your capital campaign structure. When people think of capital campaigns, the digital side is largely ignored. There’s a massive myth that all fundraising has to be done in traditional ways with human beings doing all the heavy lifting with only minor support of mail and email.

It’s time to set a strategy that incorporates and leverages the latest digital tools and tactics to:
  • Grow your pool of prospects;
  • Automate and support communications to nurture them; and,
  • Free up the your team’s time to focus on the human relationships and conversations.

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