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  • Nonprofit CRM strategy
  • implementation
  • Site/CMS development
  • UX design
  • User research and personas
  • Workflow automation
  • Google Grant implementation and management
  • Knowledge transfer for communications strategy and digital infrastructure

Creating communications harmony for established music education organization scaling up

Chicago Jazz Philharmonic is a Chicago staple, for over 10 years creating opportunities for young people to engage with and learn about music. They're widely known for combining jazz and classical music to create "Third Stream" - an extraordinary music genre uniquely theirs. With the growth in both educational offerings and performances, their small team was stretched to the limit.

CJP's existing site wasn't encompassing all of the fine work and services offered to the community and beyond, so a new digital face was needed to tell their stories, showcase their performances, and explain the academic and professional services they offer. Alongside a new site - they required a way to track and measure donor, volunteer and participant information to truly get a 360-degree of their organization. Through a 'deep dig' through their data and internal operations, a Salesforce implementation is underway so they can continually benchmark, improve and understand their organization at a whole new level.

Lastly - we're helping them utilizing a $120,000/year Google Adwords Grant to increase awareness of their organization, and turn those new visitors into program participants, performance attendees, volunteers and donors through content strategy, landing page optimization, and an intelligent marketing automation.
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