In Perfect Harmony.


  • Digital strategy
  • Site/ CMS development
  • UX design
  • User research and persona development
  • Google Grant onboarding

Augmenting a print magazine to create a digital membership platform

A household name for piano teachers, Clavier Companion has accumulated a strong print membership base and realized their was a growing demand for interactivity - as well as a new face to the world.

Clavier Companion will continue to deliver industry-leading content via print, but will now be surrounded by a digital membership and e-commerce platform. Member subscribers will gain the opportunity to enjoy a social community to pose questions and provide answers, participate in webinars and masterclasses with experts, and access interactive content - no longer being limited soley to the print realm.

Launching in summer of 2017.
An iPad and iPhone sitting on a marble counter showing text and images.
Little girl playing at a piano with her woman beside her pointing to the music.
Off-white background with screenshots of web pages showing text and images.
Man sitting at a piano playing while looking to the right.
Light blue background with a screenshot of a phone showing data.
Young girl playing the piano with an instructor alongside her.

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