Let's Quadruple Business.


  • Lead generation strategy and implementation
  • Site/ CMS development
  • Interactive content development
  • Branding
  • UX design
  • User research and persona development

Using digital to quadruple sales opportunities in 12 months

Independent Rx Consulting is a team advising independent pharmacy owners on how best to navigate the complexities of buying and starting their own pharmacy.

As any business owner knows, attracting and capturing enough qualified leads is a challenge. So how did IRxC quadruple their leads within 12 months? Through a combination of a new site; social media strategy; interactive content; and, an intelligence-based, data-driven, lead generation and marketing automation campaign. Now 90% of all new contacts are coming through their digital ecosystem - and their business continues to experience triple revenue growth every year.
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Image of pharmacists and a woman in a pharmacy.
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