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  • Digital Strategy
  • UX Strategy and Persona Development
  • Site/ CMS Design and Development

A site and strategy to invoke local action

NRDC isn't a stranger to the media. They're known to be advocates for some of the most climate-forward causes of today. When helping the City of Chicago launch the Retrofit Chicago Buildings Inititaitve, they needed a way to effectively educate the City on the program and tout the successes of their participants.

There was only 2 weeks to combine Discovery, wireframes, design and development into deliverables. We worked as one team. Not our team and their team, but as one coherent, cohesive team - as that's the most effective way to deliver quality work on a shoestring timeline. The result was a site and communication platform built upon a content management system that allows them to tell their story and help the city engage citizens to change.
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