Get more donors, volunteers and participants.

In 8-weeks, we transform your nonprofit with a mix of digital strategy, marketing, design & development. We've helped small nonprofits raise thousands a month, to aiding a $13 million capital campaign.

Step 1 - Get to know each other

Step 2 - Boost traffic via a $120K Grant

Step 3 - Convert into supporters and participants

Step 4 - Automate

Step 5 - Optimization

Step 6 - We teach you how to fish

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Step 1 - Let's get to know each other

It's part of our DNA to understand your organization as much as possible. In fact, it's one of our 10 promises to you; we'll understand your organization better than most any other agency out there.

Step 2 - Let's get in front of new audiences using a $120K Google Grant

We'll create a strategy and build a multi-faceted campaign using a $120,000 Google Grant to drive fundraising, solicit corporate sponsorships, educate people on your programs, and increase participation in your events.

Step 3 - Let's convert visitors into donors, volunteers and constituents

We design and develop custom landing pages that speak specifically to the ad audience. Each landing page has different “hooks” that will ask for user information – such as a newsletter subscription, “contact us,” a donation form, or, an opportunity to register for a new event.

Step 4 - Let's automate

Infrastructure needs to be scalable and repeatable. Automatically engage with your contacts in ways they want and need: nuture potential donors, send board members automated reports, or setup a volunteer onboarding. The opportunities are endless.

Step 5 - Let's optimize and report on it

You can only improve what you measure. Through detailed A/B testing, we keep fine-tuning and tweaking. Data and analytics are available in reports you can share with members of the Board, funders and other stakeholders.

Step 6 - We teach you how to fish

The goal of this campaign is to also “teach you how to fish” - how to manage and grow with the tools put in place. We have extensive “onboarding” and training sessions with you and whomever on your staff that you’d like trained.

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