A Good Study.


  • Digital strategy
  • Visual branding
  • Site/CMS development
  • User research and persona development
  • UX design
  • Data and GIS Visualization
  • Google Grants strategy and management
  • Print document strategy and graphic design
  • Professional development and knowledge transfer

Digital strategy and a new site with rich, interactive data visualizations

The Partnership for College Completion (PCC) is a new nonprofit championing policies, systems and practices to ensure all students in and around Chicago - especially those eligible for Pell or MAP Grants - graduate from college. With that degree in hand, they can achieve their career aspirations. 

To successfully get the word out to the world about their mission and launch the organization, they needed the digital infrastructure in place: a new site, web and print branding, as well as, an all encompassing ad campaign powered by a $120,000 Google Grant. 

Through user personas and research, we worked together to convert the massive traffic boost generated by the ad campaign into organizational growth and issue awareness.

In addition, PCC needed a powerful and clear way to communicate vital data to their organization. Through GIS platform CARTO, we created mutliple ways to explain complex data - and to inspire action.

Image of a desk with a laptop computer on it and glass of wine.
Image of girl shown through a library stack of books.
Screenshots of web pages with images and text.
Image of iPad with graphic and text.
Two girls sitting and reading text books.
Image of iPhone with graphic and stats on the screen.

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