Implementing Salesforce for Nonprofits

We learn what makes your organization tick to fix your biggest problems. Enable a 360 degree-view of your people, increase fundraising, improve communications, manage/ reward volunteers, and automate mundane tasks to free up your staff's time.

*Oh, and Salesforce donates 10 free licenses to qualifying 501c3s

Scaling your organization via automation. Letting technology do the things people shouldn't be doing.

Systems scale up – your people don’t. A Salesforce CRM configured for you assumes the necessary and time-consuming mundane tasks. Your people are freed up to spend time with key stakeholders: constituents, donors, funders, volunteers, members and advocates.

Getting a 360 degree view of your people, impact and outcomes.

Have the information on all your people, activities and transactions in one place. With the built-in flexible reporting options, you have custom and ad hoc reports to easily see what is happening, analyze results – and share with those who need to know.

Attracting and managing your volunteers.

People who give you their time and expertise are the lifeblood of most nonprofits. To work with them effectively, you need to be able to respond quickly to their interest, focus their efforts, and, thank them when they hit milestones. Salesforce gives you those capabilities – and more.

Increasing donations.

Making it easy for people to give you money is crucial – and Salesforce NPSP supports you.

Express or Custom?

Salesforce Express

Empowering your organization in 4-weeks. After an extensive strategy phase, we load your data and equip your system with donor engagement, volunteer management, grant management, plus integration from supported email marketing and online donation forms. More importantly, we'll provide a whopping 8 hours of custom training

Salesforce Custom Implementation

Many organizations will want a bit more than what the Salesforce Express package includes. Give us a shout, and we'll listen to your needs and craft something specifically to help your organization soar.