Spend Less & Save Energy.


  • Digital strategy
  • Site/ CMS development
  • UX design
  • User research and persona development

Helping big buildings spend less while being more energy-efficient

Sieben Energy Associates is a big fish in a big pond. Since 1990, they're been instrumental in helping property owners and portfolio managers around the world optimize energy-consuming systems while enhancing comfort for tenants. They are able to reduce operating costs while being better for the environment. SEA's look and feel of their digital presence didn't clearly represent their work. The client stories weren't told in a way that accurately painted the picture of what they strive to do - and succeed at - each day.

Through detailed style guides, UX research and user personas, a new site built upon an intelligent CMS helps SEA tell their many impressive stories that help clients' buildings be more successful - and make better neighbors in their cities and regions.

Image of an open laptop on a table surrounded by a coffee cup, pens and iPhone and open books.
Image of hands holding an iPhone taking a photo of a girl sitting at a table on an outside patio.
Two screenshots of webpages on a solid turquoise background.
Screenshot of an iPhone showing text and image.
Black and white image of a contemporary building lobby with multi floors.
A solid pink background with a screenshot of an iPad showing text.
An architectural rendering.

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