Keys to a Good Launch.


  • Art direction
  • Video/ photo creative design and production
  • Site/ CMS development
  • Digital strategy
  • UX design
  • User research and persona development

Helping Yamaha launch a new product

The Disklavier is a modern-day player piano - and something that everyone should experience. It's a concert instrument with tools that allow students to better learn, educators to better teach, and performers to fine-tune their craft. With the launch of the Yamaha ENSPIRE, Yamaha needed a microsite to explain all of the rich features the instrument has to offer.

Through user research, UX design and a site built upon a content management system, we had the infrastructure for launch, however, we also needed both video and photos to truly encapsulate the Disklavier experience. Through a three-day video and photo production shoot in Chicago, the Disklavier was highlighted and position to show how it enhances a variety of experiences. The creative assets were planned and executed to enable the visitor to envision this instrument in their lives - from the living room to the recording studio - captured and communicated in order to make this a thrilling, engaging product launch.
Computer with a piano on the screen.
Little girl playing a Yamaha piano.
Screenshots of web pages showing Yamaha piano images.
Image of iPhone with an image of a man playing a piano on the screen.
Hand playing keys on a piano.
Two men in a sound studio.
Image of an iPad with a graph piano on the screen.

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