Redefining Music Education with Yamaha.


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A digital platform allowing students to audition from anywhere around the world.

Piano students applying to some of the world's most respected educational institutions needed more access in order to audition - and the schools needed a better way to attract and connect with young talent from around the world. They also wanted to record, archive and access performances for additional analysis, sharing and coaching.

The Yamaha Disklavier Education Network (Yamaha DEN) connects students, teachers, universities and MIDI enthusiasts in an all-concompassing platform. The Yamaha DEN redefines the music auditioning process:

- A high school student can audition for multiple universities across the globe - all from a single location.
- Universities can view the applicant's performance and download the MIDI files while learning more about the student through the university's private portal.
- Students can also learn about different DEN schools through the public-facing university page.

What truly connects the piano world is the music itself. The Yamaha DEN will soon have expanded functionality to further connect musicians and educators.
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