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Deepening customer engagement with a community

Yamaha DTX Drums is the electronic drum line that enjoys a large community of impassioned performers, composers and drum enthusiasts. Yamaha needed to have a single source to communicate artist news, product information/ resources - and most importantly, provide users and Yamaha support a way to openly discuss, collaborate and create.

We needed to fully understand the products and the users, as well as understand other potential audiences to best provide an encompassing experience for all users. Some users may simply want to learn about a product, while others will wish to attend a webinar or event. Some users will wish to be fully immersed in the digital experience and contribute content.

To enable this community, we created a social forum putting the user at the center. A user can share their creations, help others, or interact directly with Yamaha professionals to ensure a seamless product experience. provides the different functionality needed for all users and at all levels of interactitvity.
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