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  • Site/ CMS development
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Content management system to express artistic talent at Yamaha

Where can you learn about the hottest musical talent - or even purchase a piano signed by Sarah McLachlan? Some of the world's most successful artists - such as Elton John or Josh Groban - use Yamaha instruments to express their craft.

Yamaha Entertainment Group manages these, as well as other artists, on their own label. YamahaEntertainmentGroup.com encapsulates artist news, upcoming events, a walk-through of their Nashville-based studio and e-commerce to purchase artist gear. In January of 2014, Yamaha's artist magazine, Yamaha "All Access" was added to the site.

The Yamaha Entertainment Group site has multiple 'looks and feels' for the different areas (the main site, "All Access" digital magazine and Studio tour, etc.) - yet everything is built upon one single content management system allowing for seamless maintenance and technology to do the heavy lifting.

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