INSIGHTS | July 12, 2023

7 Industries Where AI Has an Intense Presence

Industries are looking to cut costs by streamlining their daily operations, and AI is looking to be the go-to answer to solve this problem.

The way we interact with technology has completely changed since artificial intelligence (AI) arrived We now have our own voice assistants, like Siri, that help us in daily tasks. We also have streaming platforms, like Netflix, that give us personalized recommendations.

All of this happened because of the digital transformation of our society. AI has made our lives so much easier and more convenient. As it becomes a part of our daily lives, we will depend on it that much more.

Artificial intelligence is beginning to reshape our whole society at a rapid pace.

Communicating with Technology

The era of voice assistants is here upon us. Artificial intelligence has enabled us to have full conversations with technology. Voice assistants like Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant have become a commodity in households across the nation. They have allowed technology to integrate itself deeper into our daily lives.

Our ability to communicate with technology devices, just as if they were human, has made integrating these devices into our lives easier. They help us performs tasks and answer any questions we may ask. These assistants use natural language processing (NLP) software to understand and respond in human language. Because of this, AI technology continues to be a force in our daily lives.

Healthcare Industry

The healthcare sector has implemented artificial intelligence into their daily activities, too. It assists workers with diagnosing patients, determining treatments, and doing research. This helps doctors save time and be more effective in their care. The AI software analyzes a ton of data to help make predictions that aid in determining the sickness of a patient.

It also analyzes medical images, like X-rays and MRIs, with a high amount of accuracy. This can help doctors see things that they had previously missed. Any help in the medical field is a good thing.

Financial Accuracy

The finance industry also has seen an improvement by using the power of artificial intelligence. It helps detect fraud and determine risk for investments. This helps people make smart decisions with their money, as well as helps the government see if people are breaking the law.

AI can constantly see data in real-time to make sure it’s up to date. This helps people see current patterns in the economy. The financial market has seen an increase in efficiency since it employed artificial intelligence systems.

Safer Transportation

The car industry changed since they started using AI systems inside vehicles. Self-driving cars, such as Tesla, are super common nowadays. They are safer and have helpful software that helps drivers be more aware.

These cars can navigate traffic and scan surroundings to help drivers make smarter decisions. They can also assist drivers in parking and can stop by themselves. Overall, the roads have never been safer.

There are also apps, like Waze, that monitor traffic in real-time to give drivers the best route to their destination. This ultimately helps with traffic flow and makes drivers, such as me, happier 😊.

Education System

Schools are even starting to use artificial intelligence to help teach students. As online learning continues to rise, artificial intelligence has become a useful tool to help people learn. It can personalize the learning experience for students to make sure they get the most out of it. It can also analyze the progress the student makes to see what subjects they need more assistance in.

Another AI tool that students can take advantage of is chatbots. Teachers can be hard to get ahold of sometimes, so chatbots are a great tool that students can use 24/7 to get instant answers to questions they may have. This shows how artificial intelligence enhances the learning experience.

Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry has heavily used AI to increase the level of content they produce. It helps them personalize the content which enhances the experience of viewers. Artificial intelligence can analyze and store user information that it can use to give out recommendations to the user.

Platforms like Spotify and Netflix utilize these algorithms to elevate their user’s experience. It makes people feel like the platform knows them, which it does and makes the platform easier to use. We all enjoy the “For You” pages of these platforms because we don’t have to scroll for ages to find content we like.

Manufacturing Operations

The manufacturing industry has used AI systems to streamline its operations. This has helped them be more efficient and effective in their daily tasks. Overall, it’s saved time and money, which increases profits. For their workers, it’s made them have a safer working environment.

Robots have taken over jobs that keep workers in a safer space with simpler tasks. These robots are able to perform complex tasks with higher accuracy and consistency than human workers can. This increases productivity for the company at a lower cost. Any CEO would love to hear that.

It’s the Endinggg

Artificial intelligence has become a mainstay in our lives. It has ingrained itself in every industry and has helped make our lives a lot easier. No matter the industry, it makes daily operations smoother and helps employees do their jobs more effectively. It can also make the user experience better for all the customers.

As AI continues to evolve, it will only make things better. The digital transformation of our world isn’t slowing down, so we must embrace the capabilities artificial intelligence can present for us. There’s no telling where we’ll see it employed next.

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