INSIGHTS | May 11, 2023

Artificial Intelligence Surge in the Marketing Industry

The use of artificial intelligence in the world of marketing is creating higher-quality content and marketing strategies being changed forever.

The term artificial intelligence has become a widespread phenomenon across the world. From students to businessmen, AI is changing the way we do things. Heck, I even use it. 

When it comes to marketing, the artificial intelligence benefits are having a massive impact on the industry. It’s improving the effectiveness of marketing strategies and helping marketers accomplish tasks at a faster rate. 

Is artificial intelligence a new topic for you? If so, I suggest you take a look at some ways it can help enhance your own marketing strategies. 


Creativity is one of the most fun aspects of marketing. Coming up with campaign ideas and strategies are what marketers die for. Artificial intelligence is a great tool that helps you with the creation of these campaign strategies.

Artificial intelligence processes things like consumer behavior and demographics to help you out. It’ll give you marketing recommendations based on the data it analyzes to enhance your consumer knowledge. You want to know your customers inside and out to be able to gain their trust and make them loyal. The personalized AI content will help you attract more potential customers and give them a great experience.

Analytical Predictions

One great artificial intelligence benefit is that it can predict future behavior by using past data samples from market research. These consumer insights are helping marketers develop highly effective marketing campaigns.

Marketers are then able to adjust their marketing strategy to attract the group of people most likely to engage and purchase their product. They are also able to choose the best method of communicating their message to their target audience. This will get you the highest engagement possible.


Chatbots have become your robot best friend. You can interact with them just like you would with a real person. These chatbots are great to bounce ideas off of and can help you generate new marketing plans.

You can also use chatbots in your own business by putting them within your website and social media platforms. Your customers can interact with them to get assistance whenever they need it. This gives your customers a great experience and saves you the hassle of having to answer consumer questions everyday.

Generate Content

Creating content can be a long and tedious process. Artificial intelligence has streamlined the entire process, which saves you time and money. You can communicate with your audience consistently and effectively with AI generated content.

How is AI able to know what people want to hear and see? Natural Language Processing is what AI uses in order to generate content that is easily understood by humans. Yes, it’s a little scary but also pretty cool. This makes the content you create highly effective throughout your digital channels.

Content Analyzing

Knowing your audience’s content preferences will help you choose what you want to showcase on your own social channels. Artificial intelligence can be used in video and image recognition to see what’s most popular and effective on the internet. This allows marketers to analyze trends that they can hop on and use for themselves. This can help you create content that is more likely to engage your target audience.

Simplifying the Process

Some of the wisest words of wisdom I’ve ever gotten were to work smarter, not harder. Artificial intelligence has made the process of putting together marketing strategies so much easier. Generating content is faster than ever before because AI does the grunt work for you. 

It’s become a marketer’s best friend by making marketing efforts more streamlined. With all the time you save you’re able to get more work done in a ration of the time. Plus, you don’t need a major in computer science to be able to work with artificial intelligence. If you have a mind and a laptop you can work with it.

Wednesday Wrap Up

Artificial intelligence is the biggest advancement we’ve seen in a long time. Strong AI use is allowing for more innovative ideas being created every day. 

However, not everyone is a fan. It is true, since AI is human made it is only as smart as the code it was created with. So, artificial intelligence is constantly evolving and becoming better as the algorithms advance.

Even so, artificial intelligence is transforming the marketing industry with its vast amount of capabilities. To keep up with trends in the marketing industry you have to embrace the new tools. Here’s a cool AI tool to help you expand your reach!

Don’t be scared about the robot takeover, and please do your AI research. You’ll see what a positive impact it can have on your business. Your marketing strategies will be better and you’ll be pumping out content faster than you ever could have imagined. Use artificial intelligence to its full potential and you’ll never go back.

Happy creating!

Stephen Ward-Brown

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