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10 Easy CRM Features to Boost Your Customer Experience

These simple CRM features will help you increase your customer engagement and develop a long-lasting customer base for years to come.

For those of you who may not know, CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management. This refers to the ways in which businesses interact with their customers. This involves any method of communicating with your audience, as well as the technology you use to increase the effectiveness of your strategies.

CRM strategies can help you improve every aspect of your company. The age old saying, “the customer is always right,” comes into play here. Customers are at the root of any successful business. You need to reach them and convert potential customers into loyal customers. CRM systems can help you do this in many ways. 

We use CRM throughout our whole company, so you may as well call us CRM Software Monday Loves You. So, I’m going to share with you 10 easy CRM features to help you better understand the benefits it can have for you.

1. Identify Your Customer Segments

The first step in any CRM strategy is to identify your customer segments. You need to know your customer’s preferences like the back of your hand. Things like age, location and behavior are important targeting factors to include. Once you have identified your ideal customer base, you can tailor your messaging to attract them. This will help you have the most effective marketing campaign.

2. Use Automation Tools

One super cool thing about CRM solutions is the fun tools you get to use. The automation tools can save you time and increase your efficiency with managing your customer relationships. CRM strategies are great for assisting in customer service. Technology will do the work for you, like sending emails and follow-up surveys to your customer base. This gives you the extra time to focus on building relationships with your customers to elevate the customer experience.

3. Personalize Your Communication

Personalized communication is a great way to build customer relationships. Customers want to feel valued and appreciated, so it’s your job to make them feel this way. Artificial intelligence is a great tool in personalization. AI CRM systems can assist you with creating messaging strategies that will engage your customer base. Little things like sending individual customers coupons on their birthday can go a long way in maintaining customer loyalty. CRM tools are your right hand man in customer communication and can benefit your customer service and sales teams.

4. Offer Excellent Customer Support

No one enjoys waiting on hold for customer support. It’s one of the most annoying things to do. One of the great CRM properties is that it can enhance this process and make it easier for you and your customers. Customer service teams can be swarmed in calls and emails for unhappy customers. To help with this, CRM systems can be set up to make it easy for customers to get questions answered quickly. This automation tool can help take stress off your team members, as well as allowing customers to get answers ASAP. Overall, it gives a better customer experience.

5. Utilize Customer Data

A key element of customer relationship management is to use data. If used correctly, customer data can have a huge impact on your business. Knowing your customer’s buying behavior will let you know what to market to them. Things like website visits, purchases and social media engagement can all be tracked with CRM systems. It will then use this data to show you what your customers are liking the most. This information can help you better your sales and marketing strategies.

6. Use Social Media

The digital world has taken over our lives. Therefore, businesses have to use digital media to connect with their customer base and build relationships. CRM systems use social media strategies to connect you with your customers at any given time. You can respond to questions and publicize company news. It all comes back to sales and customer service, and social media is a great channel for increasing both of these things. A powerful social media presence can elevate your marketing strategies and customer relationship management.

7. Customer Feedback

Life is all about learning and evolving. So, you need to listen to your customers’ feedback to be able to grow your business. Customer relationship management is driven by the communication between you and your customers. So, encouraging his feedback is a great way to improve customer relations. Obviously, you’ll have to sort through the “Karens” that just love to complain, but your company’s CRM manager can kick those to the curb. But, most feedback will be beneficial to improving your business strategies.

8. Build Trust

An effective CRM strategy allows you to build trust through customer relationships. Effective messaging and high-quality service will help you achieve customer loyalty.  Of course, you have to follow through on what you promise for any of this to work. However, CRM systems will make it easy for you to make good on your promises and develop a lifelong customer base.

9. Data Security

Customers want to know that their information is secure. Therefore, it is your duty as a business to make sure no customer data gets leaked. Only people with authorization should be allowed to access it to ensure it is protected. CRM systems can help you protect it with data security controls like password protection and encryption. This is one of the most important CRM jobs that will help you make sure that the customer data is only used in the proper ways.

10. Always Improve

CRM strategies are not cut and dry. You can always change it up and tailor it to your needs at any given time. Your customer base may change, so your marketing strategies will have to adapt. Luckily, your CRM skills will be sharp and you can change things on the fly with ease. Utilize all the features I talked about above to evolve your CRM strategies to make sure that you get the best possible results.

You’ve Reached the End

I hope after all that information you can see how easy CRM is to use. You don’t need CRM experience to be able to use it because it is so easy to implement. The ultimate aim of customer relationship management is to increase your communication with your customer base. These systems can help you with customer communication, sales processes and customer service. It will make you and your employees’ jobs that much easier every day. If you want lifelong customers, CRM can help you achieve it.

Extra Treat!

Here are a couple of the less annoying CRM software platforms we use here at MLY! Enjoy!

  1. Zoho One
  2. Monday

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