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Overview of Some Excellent CRM Platforms

An analysis of several CRM platforms that are available on the market to help you find the one that best suits you and your business needs.

The ultimate aim of customer relationship management is to make your processes easier and increase your relationship with your customers. Therefore, choosing the correct cloud CRM platform for your business is a big priority. However, with so many options out there for you to choose from, it can be a very stressful process. You want an easy CRM system that covers all your needs for a reasonable price.

So, which one is the best fit for you? Insert Stephen, your CRM administrator, to answer all your questions. I’ll take you through some popular CRM platforms to help you see a few of the options that are available to you.


Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM tools because of its easy integration with other applications. It’s used by numerous businesses, and I just learned my uncle uses it for his business down in Florida. This is not a paid advertisement, but he does love it.

For one, it’s customizable. It can be adjusted to fit all the needs of your business. You’ll be able to create custom fields and workflows to match your processes and goals. It also utilizes multi-channel marketing with its wide range of marketing automation tools. This allows you to create and manage campaigns across multiple channels, such as email, social media, and mobile. You can also read the analytics that will help you adjust and collaborate with your sales and marketing teams. 

Salesforce also assists you with customer support by giving you tools to organize customer complaints and service portals. This increases your effectiveness at making customer interactions pleasant. It’s great for making programs and operations simple for everyone and connecting with the community. It’s great for the education community and nonprofits.


HubSpot offers free CRM software, as well as paid plans that include additional marketing, sales, and customer service features. If I worked for HubSpot, I would market the lite version as, ”free CRM for nonprofits.” It could be a great starting point for any nonprofit because this version offers CRM, email marketing, and analytic tools.

One differentiating tool HubSpot uses is inbound marketing. Content creation, social media, and SEO tools will help your business attract potential customers. It also offers great sales management tools and marketing analytics to assist your sales teams. Knowing everything about your customer base can help you develop effective campaigns and develop a loyal customer base.

The great customer service features also set HubSpot apart. It has a ticketing system and a live chat option to help you assist your customers. This and the free version make HubSpot stand out from the rest.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM offers a whole suite of applications that can easily integrate with other platforms. It includes analytics, sales, and marketing tools to help you with digital marketing campaigns. Its project management feature allows you to track and collaborate on projects with your employees. The customer service software has a live chat and help desk to assist customers daily.

Zoho’s Productivity Suite is easy to use. It contains spreadsheets, word processing, and presentation software to make your team’s jobs that much easier. They are very similar to Microsoft Office and Google Workspace, so it should be easy for your team members to get the hang of.

At MLY, we use Zoho for some of our applications and media strategies, and we’ve really enjoyed it. Another unpaid promotion. It’s a great CRM solution for any big or small business. You can even get recruiting help and design your own application to use within your business. Zoho has so many great options you’d have to go check it out for yourself.


Pipedrive is a simple and easy CRM platform that mainly helps the sales side of the business. If your main goal is to increase revenue, then Pipedrive is for you. They offer pipeline management tools that allow you to track deals throughout the entire sales process. It also helps you perform follow-ups and lead scoring. 

Pipedrive can easily be integrated and used alongside other tools you may use. Its customization lets you set up your own sales pipeline and process that’s unique to your business. It uses data analytics to give you suggestions on how to improve sales constantly. This allows you to refine your strategies to better target your audience and significantly improve the sales of your business.


Insightly offers easy CRM features that integrate with popular tools like Gmail, Google Drive, and Microsoft Office. Its focus is to help businesses manage their customer relationships and sales processes with things like contact and lead management. With Insightly, you can elevate the customer experience and close more deals

Its project management is a great feature that helps you plan, track, and assist on multiple projects. It makes it easy for employees to collaborate with each other and hop on different projects. It also helps you accomplish small tasks like follow-ups and leads. On the marketing side, you’ll be able to generate social media marketing campaigns with help from customer information. You can create a well-marketed customer journey to grow your pipeline.


Freshsales is a great CRM platform to use for contacting potential customers. Their sales CRM system gives you multiple tools like contact management and sales forecasting. This allows you to be able to do routine tasks easier and make projections to see what areas you need to target. This mixed with the data Freshsales gives you, can help you elevate your sales. Their data is super in depth, so you’ll know your customers inside and out.

Their marketing tools make it easy to create new ideas and ways of communicating with your customers. It can be easily integrated and can let you choose the proper channel to use to get the most engagement with your content. You can create multiple pipelines to reach your audience wherever they are.

Their workflows make it easy to lay out teams and assignments to speed up processes. This also helps with security since certain employees will be able to access certain things. Freshsales also has a great mobile app that allows you to access your work from anywhere. It makes your CRM experience a breeze.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers many tools to assist you in your business processes. It’s widely liked for its unified platform that combines CRM and ERP. This enables you to manage your finances, sales, customer service and operations on one platform. Its use of Power BI and Cortana intelligence gives you great data to make informed decisions.

While being easy to integrate and customize to your specific needs, it’s also a great CRM option because of its security and scalability. You’re easily able to add new users and features as your business grows. This is a plus because you won’t have to worry about needing a whole new CRM system. Microsoft Dynamics 365 uses multi-factor authentication and data encryption to make sure your information is always safe. So, that’s another worry off your back. They also show you your supply chain so you can improve efficiency.


Maybe I’m a little biased because we also use here at MLY, but it is truly a highlevel CRM tool. Plus, it has a part of our name in the title so what’s not to love about that? is a project management platform that will allow your team members to manage and track their work collaboratively. It provides a visual, intuitive, and flexible interface that helps you stay organized and on top of daily tasks.

With, you can create custom workflows, track progress, set deadlines, assign tasks, and communicate with your team members all in one place. The platform offers various templates to help you get started and allows you to customize the platform to suit your needs. It can also be integrated to be used alongside multiple different platforms. can help anyone streamline the work process. Basically, take all the best things from every platform and you have Again, totally unbiased.


There you have it, a few of the most popular CRM platforms on the market. Selecting the right CRM system to use for your business is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. It can take your daily operations to the next level and make work-life easier for your team members. Many of these platforms allow you to test it out with a demo or free trial, so play around and see which one works best for you.

Thank you for the short-term job of being your CRM manager. Hopefully, I was able to give you some information to help you make the decision on which CRM platform best suits your business. If I didn’t, well, good luck Charlie!

Stephen Ward-Brown

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