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10 Current Nonprofit Trends for 2023

Staying on top of these current nonprofit trends will keep your organization’s mission thriving through any challenges you may face.

Hey all! Ready to take a journey to the world of nonprofits? Let’s go!

Nonprofit organizations have become increasingly important and more common in our society. They simply exist to provide goods and services to people who are in need and could use a helping hand. Nonprofits cover areas such as humanitarian aid, social justice, environmental conservation and education. Throughout the world there are nonprofits working 24/7 to make the world a better place. Who wouldn’t want that? 

As the world evolves every day, nonprofits have to stay up to date on the current trends. This way, they can engage with the public and gain funding for their mission.

So, let’s dive into the topic of current nonprofit trends for 2023!

1. Work Together

Nonprofits collaboration is huge! The best way to achieve success is to combine your efforts with another organization. The nonprofit industry is vast, so finding another organization that shares a similar mission can be easy. Forming a strategic collaboration that focuses on shared goals, resources, and outcomes can help you gain steam. This will help your organization extend the reach and impact you can have. It will also help reduce your operational costs by splitting with the other nonprofit. Some examples of collabs are partnerships, mergers, and strategic alliances. Don’t be scared to reach out for help because you may find a new friend.

2. Technology is your friend!

Technology is elevating the effectiveness of nonprofits. It can increase your fundraising and help you create a more effective nonprofit strategy. Developing a nonprofit strategic plan is also easier now than ever before. Saving time throughout the whole process is invaluable for you as the leader. With this flexible work, you can use data analytics to gain real time insights. Technology is a friend and can help you have a greater impact on the world.

3. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Nonprofits are incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion. Many organizations are taking steps to ensure that their organization is representative of the communities they serve. They are also taking steps to make sure their mission is inclusive. No matter the issue at hand, being a voice for the unheard will boost your organization to the forefront. This will make your nonprofit organization even stronger and increase your impact.

4. Brand Image

You’re doing great work, so why not show it? People want to see the good work that you’re doing, so tell them all about it. People who give to you want to know that their money is going towards something meaningful. Bring them along for the ride and they will continue to help you out. This will help you create a big family with everyone you’ve touched. By sharing your activities with the public you can gain their trust and increase your donor retention.

5. Tax Exemption

Sustainability is the key to success for nonprofits. Being a tax exempt organization is a big attraction. Tax exempt status can be a great way to maintain sustainability. Nonprofit leaders are jumping on this to increase their ability to do good in their communities. Having more money to play with is always a good thing. Building these strategic priorities will help you build a sustainable nonprofit organization.

6. Increased Advocacy

The trend of advocacy is hot in the nonprofit sector. Advocacy can include lobbying, public education campaigns, and community organizing. This will help you build a strong connection within your community, not to mention being a great public relations tool. Nonprofits are recognizing that advocacy can be an effective way to achieve long term change within their community. If your nonprofit takes a stance on an issue you can gain loyal followers and donors for life.

7. Volunteering

Volunteerism has always been an important part of running a nonprofit organization. However, nonprofits are recognizing the need to engage volunteers in more meaningful ways. If you’re able to create volunteer opportunities that provide volunteers with a sense of purpose and fulfillment you will have more success as an organization. This will increase your volunteer numbers and help you accomplish your goals. When volunteers feel like an important part of the organization they will have an increased focus and do higher quality work for you and your nonprofit.

8. Greater Flexibility

Being flexible in your operations is essential for nonprofits. Nothing is ever going to go completely as planned, so you must have flexible work. This includes embracing things such as remote work, and being open to new ideas. Being adaptive to new circumstances and bumps in the road will make you have a greater chance for success. Covid was a big challenge for nonprofit organizations. Ones that were able to adapt and create a strategic planning process to deal with this were able to survive.

9. Social Media

Utilizing social media to launch campaigns and advertisements is how you keep your nonprofit at the forefront. Social media is how you will reach the next generation of donors and volunteers. It’s a great avenue for nonprofits to engage with this new audience. Also, it’s fantastic for advertising and gaining sponsors. Having a strong social media presence will draw sponsors in to provide money and resources to help you at your events. Diving into this new age of technology and communications will keep your nonprofit alive for generations to come.

10. Storytelling and Personalization

Finally, nonprofits are using the idea of storytelling and personalization in their messaging. Using stories to connect with their audience on an emotional level helps create a sense of urgency around their causes. This can drive donations through the roof. Everyone remembers those sad dog commercials 🙁 The use of personalized messaging to make it more relevant to donors and volunteers is becoming more common, too. This helps develop dialogue and a relationship between the foundation and their audience.

Overall, nonprofits are cool!

Nonprofit organizations are having to continuously adapt their strategies in order to succeed. These trends are helping nonprofits to succeed every single day. The world is never going to stop evolving, so staying on top of current trends can be the difference between closing your doors or rising to the top.

Stephen Ward-Brown

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