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Cassie Dennis from Monday Loves You tells us about the impact of salary history disclosure for woman in technology in a recent article published by Women Employed.  How I Missed Out on Over $350,000 Working In Technology It’s been a weird and windy road since my 11-year-old-self lost a chess match to an IBM 360 in 1970. Let me be upfront about
You’ve worked hard building your brand, but does your brand accurately reflect who you are and what you do? Personally - I use the cocktail party litmus test. When someone asks where I work, do I cringe when saying the name? For quite awhile, the answer was a resounding “yes.” We’re freshly rebranded - with the process top of mind. I started Social
Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) is a fancy, tech-ridden phrase that means something quite simple. It helps you organize your people and run a more-efficient organization. It allows scenarios such as: If one person attends a bunch of events, but doesn't give any donations, then you know to ask for donations to him differently. If someone c
Today, there are many charity watch organizations providing information on nonprofits – and you can count on prospective donors to use them. But who are they and how are their charity ratings composed? This article covers 4 of the well-known ones: Charity Navigator, CharityWatch, Guidestar, and GreatNonprofits. Each provides valuable information to
There's a delicious plethora of open source CRM systems out in the wild. In this article, we take a look at a few, and give some pros, cons and things to think about for each. To begin a comparison, let's start with SugarCRM, VTiger and CRMery. First, what is open source CRM? Open source means the code (all the stuff that makes software work) is op
Though it can sometimes seem like a lot of work around soliciting an individual donation, they are typically quite informal acquisition processes, you: • Approach the potential donor; • Engage in discussion/provide some information; and, • Ask! You quickly know whether you've got the donation—and even if they say "no", you can sometimes win them ba
It is in the plan this year – FINALLY – to replace your current mishmash of information sources with a new Nonprofit Constituent Relationship Management (Nonprofit CRM) system. It can provide the process improvement to better support your nonprofit or non-governmental organization. No more cobbling together pieces of information from various databa
Long a staple in the business-to-business sales world, CRM systems are databases created to hold information about people relevant to your organization.  Whether you are a business, government agency or nonprofit/NGO, people inside and outside your organization drive your success.  CRM is the way you can manage relationships and measure s